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By | January 28, 2018

The Internet Would Not Be The Same

For the best Keyword Research

What is the best keyword research tool for SEO – Search Engine Optimization? First, speaking of “Keyword Research”, the Internet wouldn’t be the same without it that’s for sure. It’s my belief that keywords are THE biggest part of why the internet actually exists at all. After all, what is the first thing you do when you go online with Google, Bing, Yahoo or any other search engine?

Most people type in some words pertaining to what they are looking for and, typically, they are either

  • Looking to solve a problem.
  • Looking for info on a product they are interested in purchasing, (electronics, books, clothing for example), or,
  • They want to learn about something they are interested in.

If people didn’t do this there might still be an internet of some sort but it certainly would not be what we have today and many would probably not understand it.  Actually, that is probably stretching things a bit. Truth is there probably wouldn’t be an internet at all. Maybe something like Skype. But, I speculate.

Keyword research is essential to your online business.

There is just no getting around it, if you are building out a niche website or you’re a blogger and you want to attract people to it, you have to write content and, that content has to have some keywords in it, keywords that are relevant to what people are searching for.

With this in mind, it becomes very important that we have an understanding of proper keyword research and how to use these keywords to attract people to your website.


Ways To Do Keyword Research

There are many ways that you can do Keyword Research. Some of the most common ones involve search engines like Google, Bing and, Yahoo. Google and Bing both give suggestions when you type in your keywords and you chose the one that best suits what you are looking for or you can go with what you have entered.

This can be done using the “Alphabet Soup” method. You type in a few words and then just an “a”, you get a list. Then try a “b” and you get a slightly different list, and so on. They don’t give you much more information than that.


example 2

Then there are keyword tools that you have to purchase. But, there are a few things you must be aware of before you buy these tools, such as:

  • Does it have to be installed?
  • Do you have to do a lot of searches to get the result you are looking for?
  • Is it just guessing or does it give accurate PPC results?
  • Does it provide or pull results from all search engines?

A lot of the Tools used for keyword research present a lot of info but, results from other search engines are not taken into consideration so, you’re not getting the information you really need to find the best keyword for your niche content. These tools also provide a lot of information you don’t need and is hard to understand.


JAAXY – My #1 “Keyword Research” Tool

Here are what I think are the things we need to consider as we do “Keyword Research”.

  • What is the volume of searches a keyword or keyword phrase gets? How many people are looking for what you have to offer?
  • Is it directing visitors to a website/my website?
  • Does the Keyword or phrase make sense, is it relevant to your niche, is it understandable?

That last one is important. If the keywords don’t make sense no one will find you so, you want to pick Words and phrases that you would normally use when talking and not phrases like “keyword research tool SEO” or “SEO tools keyword research“. We just don’t talk like that and that’s One of the reasons I like Jaaxy and think it’s the best keyword tool for SEO.

The other two give you numbers that Jaaxy accurately compiles from all search engines and gives a real view of what is actually happening on the Internet.

Here are the most important things we need to look for when using a Keyword tool.

  • Monthly Searches – This is the amount of traffic/searches that each Keyword of group of keywords are receiving
  • KQI – This is the “Keyword Quality Index” and tells you how good your choice of Keywords are For any niche marketing campaign.
  • QSR – (Quoted Search Results) – Ultimately, this is the information you really want. It tells you exactly how many pages of competition there are with these exact word searches. You need to aim for a QSR somewhere between 100-under 400 with 300 being the ideal ratio for good rankings. There are literary millions and millions of search terms being used on the Internet every day and JAAXY shows you that reality as you observe the data it gathers.
  • SEO Power – This information tells you if your keywords are good, great, normal or poor words to use for getting the best google rankings. The better the rankings, the better your chances are to make money. Seems pretty simple to me and is based on all the above information which, I think, is a great recipe for efficient research.

This is what it looks like:


Try it for free right now in the box below and see what you think.


Basically, anything that is related to the following could easily be used to find good Keywords for your niche website:

  • keyword research
  • finding keywords
  • checking rankings for pages and posts
  • determining site rank (where am I ranked in Google)
  • creating keyword lists that you can use in a post
  • Finding certain types of keywords for a particular niche

Jaaxy offers all of this and does it for a price that is comparable to other keyword research programs that offer more info than you really need or could understand.


Cut to the chase! What does JAAXY Cost?

I have told you a lot about Jaaxy, my #1 keyword research tool but, there is more. There is a “Niche” finding function, An affiliate program, (Yes, you can make money promoting JAAXY), and more.

JAAXY has options suited to any budget, for those just beginning and those who are crackerjacks.

Public Offering

For the public, these are the prices for the different options.

Regular Membership Options

Are you a member of Wealthy Affiliate?

As you can see, if you were a member of WA then the costs are substantially lower.

Jaaxy Starter – This is a Free Trial. You get 30 searches, 20 results for each search, 30 site rank scans. This is so that you can see how it works and when you have used them up there will be no more.

Jaaxy Pro – $19 per month/US, $199/US per year

Jaaxy Enterprise = $49 per month (discount this week only), $499 per year



In the above screenshot, you will see 4 options. The second one, which is free to use, is a great option for new members of Wealthy Affiliate University (WA). This is the one that I use and it gives me all the information I need to find great keywords for my content. That’s why I think it is the best keyword research tool for SEO. It gives me what I need without the fluff.

A Little About Wealthy Affiliate

WA is a training program for all those who are interested in starting a niche website or want to take their existing website to the next level. They teach you how to build and develop a website from start to making money. The Jaaxy Keyword Tool is also part of this program and can be upgraded at an additional cost.
If you are interested in having a peek, just follow this link for more information about WA.

Final Remarks

As you can see, there are many reasons why I think JAAXY is The Best Keyword Research Tool For SEO. Jaaxy has options to suit any budget and even better options if you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate and Jaaxy gives you the information you need to gather great Keywords for you content.

As always, I hope you have found this review to be informative and enjoyable to read and, if you have any questions about Jaaxy or WA please leave a comment below and I will respond ASAP with answers to your questions.

Thanks again,


Owner and operator of;



4 thoughts on “What is The Best Keyword Research Tool For SEO

    1. admin

      Thank you, Roger. Keyword research is so important if one wants to draw people to their website. The right keywords in the content can do that. I am only beginning to understand the full scope of this. As I learn more about the Jaaxy Keyword tool, it’s not just about finding good keywords. It can also be used to find out where one’s pages/posts rank on google and other search engines. I think that is just another reason that makes this tool just that much better than the others and it’s Jaaxy Lite is free to all members of the WA community which is another bonus.

      Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. I hope you see why I like this tool so much and will, indeed, use it for all your keyword research.

      All the best. WAyne

  1. Roger Humbke

    You gave me a whole new perspective towards keyword research. I am definitely going to take it more seriously and take Jaxxy for a spin. Keep up the good work.

    1. admin

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, Roger. I truly believe that proper keyword research can go far to attracting people to our websites. Everyone searches the web looking for answers to their queries, hundreds of millions of searches every day, and they use keyword phrases to do just that. I can’t imagine business on the Internet without all these searches.

      if we can find those right keywords for our niche sites, then we run a better chance of drawing those people to our sites. The more visitors we get to our sites the better the chances of helping others and making money as a side benefit.

      So, yes, give it a try and let me know what you think and if it has helped you increase your viewer base.

      All the best, Wayne


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