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By | August 25, 2017

Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp TrainingWhat is SO Great about Wealthy Affiliate Training?

As the title says, “What’s so great about the Wealthy Affiliate training?”  Well, there is a lot of training on the internet these days dealing with web design, “Search Engine Optimisation”, “Keywords”, building content and everything else you should know in order to have success on the Internet. Some of it can be misleading and point you in the wrong direction.

The owners of this amazing training platform, Kyle and Carson, have been doing this for about 15 years now and have learned, and are still learning and developing training that will help you succeed in your own online business niche.

They have gathered all their knowledge and expertise into one place, here at Wealthy Affiliate, and are sharing it with everyone who is interested in doing the same.

Together with other programming experts, have put all this together into two training courses, a video training library and, weekly seminars that are specially designed to train even someone with no experience, how to build and grow a profitable niche/affiliate website.

The “Certification” Course

This course has 5 levels and each level has 10 lessons. However, “FREE” members only have access to the first course. There is also, on your profile page, a place to see an overview of the training programs.

Here is an overview of what you will learn in just the first level of the “Certification” Course.

All of this, just in the first course and, there are 5 courses. So, you can see just how comprehensive and first-rate they are. Each course and lesson is just a little more advanced so that you learn, a little at a time and are not overwhelmed by too much information. Not that that can’t happen because if one tries to go too fast like I did, it can get overwhelming quickly.

That is why I suggest that, with any of the training here, if you join Wealthy Affiliate, do the training at your own pace and don’t move to the next lesson until you are sure that you understand the one you are doing. It just creates too much confusion if one goes at the speed of light.

Bootcamp Training

The same is true for the “Bootcamp” training as well. Bootcamp training has 7 phases and each “Phase” has 10 lessons.

This is some of what you will learn in the first lesson:

And it just keeps getting better. Again, these lessons are structured in such a way that they are great training even for beginners.

This training will also help those with experience but, who are still struggling to attract visitors and make an income if that’s their desire.

That is why I, again, suggest that if you join Wealthy Affiliate, to go at your own pace and don’t move to the next lesson until you are sure that you have a good understanding of the one you are doing.

There is also a vast library of video training and tutorials to draw from and is added to on a weekly basis.

There is, once a week, on Fridays, a live training seminar with a question period at the end that is open to all “Premium” members. These seminars can be reviewed in the “Live Video Classes” of the left sidebar.

There is a search bar at the top of the page where you can type a question and, as you are typing, a drop-down menu will appear with suggestions of what you might be looking for.

And lastly, many WA members are constantly putting out blogs containing training that is also helpful. As you follow more people in the community you will receive notifications about these and other blogs produced by these members.

All of this is available to you when you join WA as a “Premium” member. However, access is limited if you join the 10 day free membership.

Final Words

As you can see, Wealthy Affiliate has all the training you need to be successful online. It is, in my opinion, at the top of the list when it comes to Internet Training and, as I said, it’s all in one place and the price is right.

Some, who have been a part of WA have left because of some perceived bad experience and, along with others, have written unflattering reviews about Wealthy Affiliate. I think this has mostly happened because they did not fully understand what Wealthy Affiliate is all about.

I can only say that I have not had any bad experiences and I have found that everything here……the training, the community, the owners, the support, the encouragement given by all who are actively involved here….is, in my opinion, above reproach.

You don’t have to spend a dime to become a “Free” member in fact if you are considering a membership at WA, I recommend that you try the free account and check it out thoroughly before upgrading to “Premium”. If one chooses to upgrade to “Premium” there are no further costs or upgrades.  I am a firm believer in “Try Before You Buy”.

That is all I have to say in this review of Wealthy Affiliate. If you like what you have read here and want to join as a “Free” member then just click here and go have a good look around.

If you have any questions, ANY questions at all or you want to leave a comment PLEASE do so in the area provided below. All questions and comments will receive a response.

I thank you for reading this review and hope you have the greatest of success as you pursue your Internet dreams.

All the Best,





10 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Training- Full and Comprehensive

  1. Oshea

    Yes!! I love Wealthy Affiliate, they’re a great platform and they have so many extensive features.  I agree with you about the  programming experts, and how they have turned the platform into two training courses. I personally really enjoy the video training library and weekly seminars.

    Most Importantly, I love how the platform is always growing and evolving, I just hope Kyle and Carson don’t sale it to a Corporation.

    Thanks for sharing!!!!

    1. Wayne Post author

      Hello, Oshea and thanks for your comment.

      Well, I really don’t know what to add other than, with everything that is available through Wealthy Affiliate they have never increased their membership fees in 13 years.  That is pretty impressive when you consider that inflation has never stopped and, as you say, they keep improving the platform.

      I can’t always watch Jay’s training seminars but they are amazing and the best thing is that if one actually registers and watches “Live”, there is a question and answer session after the seminar which equals more training.

      As I said in a previous comment, the only thing that stops us from succeeding is ourselves.

      Wealthy Affiliate is a prime example of how the internet can be used for the betterment of others.

      Thanks again for you comment, Oshea and all the best.

      Keep Moving Forward,


  2. Zayn Hiew

    Hey Wayne,

    l agree, Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to learn Internet Marketing. They have been in existence for more than 13 years and constantly updating its training materials to meet the latest demand of the market. As at today, they have about 1.4 million members and keep on increasing daily. 

    Besides training, they do provide all the essential tools such as website, hosting, keyword research, support etc that you needed to succeed in your online business.

    I have no hesitation you give it a try, after all it’s free and you got nothing loss.

    Thank you, Wayne, for sharing this detailed review.

    Best regards

    Shui Hyen

    1. Wayne Post author

      Good day, Shui and thanks for your comment.

      I couldn’t agree with you more, Shui and with that many members in the community, Kyle and Carson MUST be doing something right.  And being around for 13+ years says a lot as well.  If they had done things any differently, I don’t think they would be around today.

      I think another factor, as you say, is that they keep improving things, the training and the format and the additional tools to help to help us succeed AND in 13 years, they have never increased the price of a Yearly Premium Membership.  That to me is one of the most amazing things about this platform.

      Honestly speaking, Wealthy Affiliate has all we need to be a succesful as an online entrepenure and the only thing that could stop that from happening would be you/me not taking action with what we have learned.

      That’s the bottom line for me, SUCCESS DEMANDS ACTION. 

      Thanks again for your comment and all the best as you Keep Moving Forward,


  3. Holly

    Wealthy Affiliate has been a blessing to me thus far. So much information to learn, but the training is great to get you going at your own pace.

    Do you have a recommendation for a training or article that focuses on improving Google rankings? I’ve seen some information here and there, some of it helpful and some of it not so much. I want to make sure i’m doing all I can.

    1. Wayne Post author

      Hi, Holly and thanks for your comment and question.  

      First I want to appologise for taking a day or two to get back and answer you question about improving rank in search engines.  Here is a link that I hope will help with that.   my.wealthyaffiliate.com/robert-a/blog/how-to-improve-a-search-engine-ranking

      The teaching through Wealthy Affiliate says that the best way to improve anyones rank is by finding good keywords and, most of all, to keep producing content on a regular basis, 2-3 time a week or more if possible.  The whole idea is to become an authority in your niche which will eventually draw more and more traffic to you site.

      I hope this answer and the link are helpful and If you have any further questions or just a comment, fire away and I will respind as soon as possible.

      All teh best to you and you continue this journey and always remember to 

      Keep Moving Forward,


  4. Andrew G

    It seems as though it will be hard to have join wealthy affiliate and were different and him out of time and I understand what it is fully about. However where I definitely do agree is that your overview and highlights of the objective of achieving training through the modules as well as the live webinars do really enhance the chances for success with one applies themselves toward this type of home a money making goal.

    1. Wayne Post author

      Good day, Andrew and thanks for your comments

      Your comment was a litle hard to understand so let’s see if I understand you correctly. 

      In you comment you said that it seemed it might be hard to join Wealthy affiliate.  Well, I don’t think that is the case.  Wealthy affiliate has several options that, I believe would suit almost any budget.

      There is a “Free” membership,  a monthly Premium Membership for $49/mo  and, of course, the Yearly Premium Membership which is available for $359/yr.

      However, if someone, you, chooses to join during the Black Friday Promotion that happens every November, they can save an extra $60 on the yearly Premium Membership and be locked in at that price for as long as they are am Premium Member.

      Even those who are already Premium Members can chose to renew their membership during the Black Friday deal and be locked in at that price.   This is an exceptional deal considering all that is offered and the fact that each year there are improvements being made and, for the time being, they are not raising the price and there are no upsells.

      I should also tell you that there are certain countries that are not elegable for the “Free” membership.  These countries are:


      This is mainly because these countries are major sources of online scams.

      I hope this helps you understand a little bet more that it’s really not that hard to join WA and answers your questions.

      All the best and, if you ahve any more questions or concerns, by all means let me know and i will do my best to answer,


  5. Curtis

    This is a great review of Wealthy Affiliate. I really liked the detailed information you provided. It seems like the Premium membership is the way to go so a person gets all the benefits of support, community, training and everything else.

    Is there a monthly fee for membership if you want to go beyond the free membership?

    Is there mentors available to help new people on the training?

    If a person does the Bootcamp training, do they then promote Wealthy Affiliate to get more members to join?

    Thanks for the information.

    1. Wayne Post author

      Good day, Curtis and thanks fro leaving a comment. 

      I am happy to answer your question and probably should have included this info in my post but, I just wanted to focus on the training aspect of WA.

      That said, in answer to your first question… Yes there is a monthly fee of $47/mo.  However, if one decides to purchase the one year Premium Membership it would cost $359/yr. You can learn more about this in my actual WA review by clicking HERE.

      The best deal, however, would be to join as a Premium Member when Wealthy Affiliate has there annual Black Friday sale.  This year it will take place from November 23rd to November 26th and will be priced at $299/yr.  The great thing about this deal is that if you sign up with the Black Friday sale, you will never pay any more than that as long as you are a Premium Member.  That’s a very significant savings.

      Mentoring – Mentors are available but probably not in the way you might expect.  They are not chosen by the owners to be Mentors but are people, other members who have plenty of experience and offer their time to mentor is someone needs it.  I have no idea who they might be but I am sure that if one was to reach out through the “Live Chat” forum or to their sponsor, (the person they sighned up through), I think the odds are pretty good that you or they would find someone sutable.

      As for the Bootcamp Training, I think that is why most members take this training and I think that is what this training is geared toward.

      I hope these answers have helped you understand a little more about what WA is all about and how everything about WA has the new and the older members success at the top of the chart.

      If you have any further questions I would be more than happy to answer them.  Until then, always,

      Keep Moving Forward,



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