My Wealthy Affiliate Review for 2020 – It’s NOT a Scam

By | April 13, 2020

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Name:  Wealthy Affiliate


Price:  $49/month – $495/year  USD (Join Here)

Starter Membership: Free – No credit card required

Owners:  Carson Lim, President    Kyle Loudoun, Vice President


In this review, it is my hope to help you decide, yourself, whether or not Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is the real deal or a scam?  A lot of reviews have been written about this training platform by successful Affiliate Marketers who didn’t know anything about online business when they started.

On the other hand, there have also been a few reviews that have given a very different perspective of Wealthy Affiliate, a not so nice perspective but those are vastly outnumbered by the positive reviews.

So, you might be saying, “Well, if there are so many positive reviews out there, why would you need to write another one?”  

I’m writing this review because I’ve read some of those bad WA reviews and, to be honest, I don’t think the people who wrote those reviews really understood what Wealthy Affiliate was or what they have to offer.

Some of them might have thought that WA was a get rich program and were disappointed when they found out that they were going to have to work for their money just like a real business.    

I hope you clicked the link above because I think it’s important that you have a perspective of what is offered at WA. 

Those people at the bottom of the page are real and there are many more like them that I follow in the community and they have helped me and others when we have had issues to deal with.


What is Wealthy Affiliate and Who is it for?

Wealthy Affiliate offers entrepreneurs, (beginners and experienced), assistance in building websites, getting search engine rankings, generating revenue.  They offer training, support and coaching along with the essential tools needed for running an online business.  

There is also a huge community of Affiliates, (as I mentioned briefly above), with varying degrees of experience, that adds to the support and coaching.

Here is an overview of what I will be talking about, (some are at the top of the page), for the rest of this review and how I rate them from 1 to 10.

  • Name – Wealthy Affiliate, also known as Wealthy Affiliate University.  Top of page
  • Names of the owners – Kyle & Carson – top-notch entrepreneurs
  • The training – is top-notch. I’ll give it a 10. They’re always improving the training and it can be a little overwhelming.
  • Support – Always there when you need them – 10. The community is a 12.
  • Research tools – 10
  • Site Builder – top-notch as well but only a 9.8 because they are constantly upgrading this as well.
  • WordPress Hosting – 9.9 

About the Owners

Kyle and Carson have been friends for longer than WA has been around. They are both married and have families of their own.  

Both of them started their own online businesses more than 15 years ago and had to learn everything from scratch and through trial and error.  

There was little if any training at the time but they were still able to build profitable online businesses within a couple of years.

They had an idea to take their knowledge and put it together to help others do the same and Wealthy Affiliate was born in 2005. 

It started out as a site where members paid an annual fee and received “Keyword lists” on a regular basis that really helped them grow their online businesses.

In the 15 years since they have built it to become one of the best and highest rated Affiliate training programs on the Internet. Even the “Better Business Bureau” gives them an A+ rating.  

Since its inception over 1,400,000+ people have joined this Affiliate training program, with an interest in making a living or extra cash on the Internet or, in some cases, just help others by putting their knowledge and expertise out there for everyone to have access to.

Kyle and Carson, along with Jay (Their online Live instructor) and others, have worked continuously to improve the training and the tools to help the members be successful with their niche websites.

Whether you are a Senior, Semi-retired, out of work, a stay at home mom, teenager, or have a disability, (Did I miss anyone? Sorry, you’re included too) WA’s training can help everyone, even those WITH experience who want to take their businesses to the next level.

Speaking of Training

Wealthy Affiliate’s training is top-notch and covers everything from building a website to finding keywords for content ideas to how to get people to your website and more.

There is a “Certification” course for those who are just starting out and want to start a niche website of their own and a “Bootcamp” training program if you decide to promote Wealthy Affiliate.

There is “Live Chat” where you can go to ask questions when you get stuck.

  • The “Certification” training includes 5 levels and each level has 10 lessons.  Click here to see an example
  • The “Affiliate Bootcamp” training has 7 levels and each level has 10 lessons.
  • There are over 1000 video and text training tutorials and more training is added just about every day.
  • Each lesson has tasks to complete so you can implement and learn while you do the training.
  • There is also “live” video training every Friday, (or Saturday, depending on where you live in the world), with an interactive question and answer at the end through “Live Chat”.

This training is available to all regardless of your level of experience, from the beginner with no experience to the seasoned veteran. Everyone can benefit from this training.

Whether your interest is shoes, makeup, art, quadcopters, RV lifestyle, food and healthy living…whatever your passion, WA will train you so you can be successful.

There is even an online chat room where you can ask questions and someone, somewhere in the world, will be there to help.

There is also a Tech support team available to help when you get stuck or have an issue with your website.  More on this in the next section.  They are also constantly updating the training and tools

Everything, from the training and support and, the chat room is geared towards your success.

One of the best things about Wealthy Affiliate is that they will never tell you that you will make a lot of money in a short period of time.  Real success online takes work.



There is Also Great Support

If a member has any issues or needs some help, there are several ways to get the help they need. Check this out,

  • a chat room – All around the world, there is always someone there you can talk to.
  • a Search bar – Where you can type in questions.  You’ll be amazed at what comes up.
  • The WA community – Many are well experienced and are willing to help.
  • Private messaging – Kind of like E-mail but better.
  • A Support Group – a team of technicians that will help with your website and hosting issues.

And of course, there are the owners, Kyle and Carson. They’re really busy and it may take a few days before they respond to your questions but, they WILL respond to a lot of questions.  They are very interested in how we are all doing.  I and many others have had personal responses from them.


Tools for success

One of the best tools Wealthy affiliate offers is JAAXY, a research platform offered to “Premium” members and gives them unbelievable access to billions of keywords within seconds.  Not only do you have access to billions of keywords, with Jaaxy site rank you can find out where your site and posts rank on Google, Bing, Yahoo.

With Jaaxy you can discover different niches.  There are 100,000’s of what is called “Evergreen” niches to be discovered.  You can check out what’s trending and search out domain names some of which could be quite valuable.

If your interested to see how it works you can check it out below.  Just type in a few keywords, click the blue box where you will be taken to JAXXY and can set up a free account and check it out.

JAAXY is also available to the general public for monthly or yearly subscriptions.  For Premium WA members it’s considerably cheaper and is free for the lite version which is adequate for most members.


How about A Trip To Las Vegas?

Another exciting part of WA is the Affiliate Program. If, through the promotion of WA, an Affiliate has 300 people signed up through their WA website, in the preceding year, they are invited to a once a year get together in Las Vegas, for a weekend, where they talk shop, get extra training and just get to know each other and build relationships.

I have seen pictures and videos of these events and it looks like a fun time. These events are “ALL EXPENSES PAID”.  Flight, hotel, meals and, I think they even have a limo service that picks you up and takes you to the get-togethers.  Everything is paid for.  The hotels are top-notch.

NOW, that’s a nice bonus for hard work, don’t you think.

Pros vs Cons


  • Getting Started Training (the process is completely SIMPLIFIED!)
  • 13+ Full, Interactive Classrooms
  • There is live, interactive Video training every week from Jay our official trainer.
  • Hundreds of thousands of HELPFUL community members worldwide.
  • Live & Interactive Help from people all over the world in the chat room and, yes, even at 2 am in the morning!
  • 2 Free Websites that are beautifully designed, from a wide assortment of themes
  • JAXXY – The best Keyword research tool.
  • State of the Art fast hosting that is totally secure.
  • Access to Industry Experts & Millionaires like Kyle and Carson.
  • Last but not least, it’s Completely FREE to Get Started.


  • There is only one “CON” if you want to call it that.  There is a whopping amount of information and some people have been known to get somewhat overwhelmed, myself included.  

I’m sure that a lot of university students feel the same way when getting into the classes at the beginning of the school year.


My Reasons For This Review

I wanted to add a review of my own because I, like many others, think Wealthy Affiliate has the most to offer and is at the top of its field. 

I know that may sound a bit biased but, I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for almost three and a half years and have found that there is nothing inside Wealthy affiliate that speaks of “SCAM”.

I have never had any issues with them or their support or the community.  I’m not really sure why others have written bad reviews about WA or what their beef is.

People get scammed on the Internet quite a lot through programs that, at some point, have them starting to believe that they have been taken.  In my research, I have found that up to 90% of people looking for stuff related to Internet marketing have felt this way at some point.  This causes those folks to be skeptical and, in some cases, be fearful about the honest programs.

Wealthy Affiliate is not like that.  The monthly, or yearly membership is all you pay.  There is also a 6 mo. membership available as well and There are no upsells to better training.

Some have been ripped off by scams so many times and failed because of this, it has affected their self-esteem and they have a real “fear of failure”  that the same thing will happen if they try again.

That is why I’m writing this post, to give you an honest review without bias. I have given you the real facts about Wealthy Affiliate, and you can make up your own mind.

Two things I will tell you right up front. 

1. WA is NOT a get-rich-quick opportunity and will never make that claim.  Success comes from hard work.  There is no successful business in the world that wasn’t the result of hard work.

2.  It is NOT going to recommend upgrades for more material and higher levels of training, at an extra cost.  That kind of stuff just does not exist at Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate does, however, promise all the teaching and skills necessary to give everyone the ability to succeed in the online world no matter what your online skill level is.  WA does not guarantee that everyone will make money or do it quickly unlike other so-called “Get Rich Quick” programs and they will let you check it out “FREE” for the first 7 days or you can stay free as long as you want. 

They do promise that if you are willing to do the work and follow the instruction taught in their courses, you will succeed.

If you want to learn about my own search for ways of making an income on the internet click here.

My Final Words And a BONUS

I realize there is a lot to digest here and think about but, the one thing I would like you to promise to do if you decide to sign up as a free member is to please set up your account.   You don’t have to pay anything upfront and you don’t have to give any credit card information. I don’t want you to spend any money without knowing what is here first.

If you DO choose to upgrade to “Premium” you will be part of what I believe to be, the best Affiliate Training program around. At a yearly cost of $359/USD (almost but, less than a dollar a day), I think that’s a pretty good bang for the buck considering all that is included.

As a “Premium” member you will also receive these bonuses:

  • if you do decide to join WA as a PREMIUM member, at the yearly rate, in the first 7-10 days you will be receiving a $93 discount for the year over paying the monthly membership (a total of $49/mo x 12 mo = $598. The first month of “Premium Membership” is discounted to $19 USD instead of $49).
  • a personal “Hello” from me with more information.
  • more training modules.
  • a tonne (metric) of videos
  • Live training once a week from Jay
  • Access to the amazing community of over 1.4+ million members all over the world.

What you won’t get are more pitches for more upgrades.  As a “Premium Member”, you will have access to everything WA has to offer at NO extra cost.

Finally, again, I know there is a lot to process here but, if you have ANY questions at all, or comments, please leave them in the space provided below. I really do want to hear your feedback. I will get back to you as soon as possible, usually within a day or two. Everyone is important, so I will answer your questions to the best of my ability.

Wealthy Affiliate is here to help you succeed.  

All the best,


Updated: April 13, 2020

4 thoughts on “My Wealthy Affiliate Review for 2020 – It’s NOT a Scam

  1. Mike Long

    Very nice and complete review Wayne,
    I agree Wealthy Affiliate has some great training and an amazing, helpful community for support.
    No better source I have ever seen for WordPress knowledge.

    1. Wayne Post author

      I totally agree, Mike and with the constant improvements that come throughout each year, it just keeps getting better. These are all bonuses but the real bonus is that they don’t raise their prices for the training and tools provided nor do they hit you with costly upgrades once you are a member.

      The community is also very helpful with encouragement and advice as many are very good at what they do.

      Thanks for visiting my website and leaving a comment and if you ever have any questions let me know, I’m always glad to help in any way I can.

      All the best,

  2. Julia

    Hi Wayne,

    Thank you for your honest and thorough review. Before I read yours, I read a few other blogs speaking highly of Wealthy Affiliate. It’s good to read more than one because each person gives personal insights on what (s)he values most, and what (s)he believes to be a disadvantage or area for improvement. You are not the first one who tells that the amount of information might be overwhelming. I have one question, though… Is there really a limit of 10 days to the FREE membership?

    When I want to learn something about a company or a product, I usually search for negative feedback separately from positive. There is no business that doesn’t have negative reviews – no matter how perfect it is. Wealthy Affiliate is not an exception, considering that among 800,000+ users, there always will be at least one negative person.

    The content of the negative review usually helps me to determine whether there is a serious issue, especially if the same complaint is repeated by several customers.

    However, some negative reviews play a positive role in my decision to choose the service or product. I read some negative feedback on WA on Ripoff Report, and have to say that many of them sound childish and ridiculous. The illiterate comments made me want to join WA.

    There were no two repeated concerns, except… a few reviewers in one way or the other complained that Kyle & Carson are “too smart”, “too clever”; they built virtual community where all members are fake, and they can control whether or not and when a member’s website is “registered on Google” :)) LOL

    Thank you again for your very informative review.

    1. Wayne Post author

      Good day, Julia and thanks for checking out my website and reading my WA review. I read many reviews as well before I joined Wealthy Affiliate, most were good reviews and a couple of them weren’t so nice. I agree that it’s good to read both sides of the story before making a decision but, since I joined WA I really don’t understand what their, (the bad reviews), problem is. I guess their biggest issue was that WA didn’t deliver the success they were expecting.

      My only answer to that is, “Did they actually do the work and follow the plan and write the content consistently?” Wealthy Affiliate has never promised riches overnight, right. We have to do the work if we are going to be successful is any business.

      fIn answer to your question, yes there is a ten-day free trial but I think there might also include a couple days grace if one does not sign up for premium right away. That said, a free member can stay a free member for as long as they want they just won’t have access to some things they had access to during their free trial.

      This is what free membership looks like: They do not have access to any of the links in the left sidebar, with the exception of the links in colored boxes (Activity Dashboard, Get Started Here, Live Chat – for 7 days, SiteRubix, and Affiliate Bootcamp), and the bottom 3 links (Jaaxy, Ambassadorship, and Account Settings).

      Your last comment made me laugh out loud. IF they really think that Kyle and Carson have created a virtual world with fake members and all that other stuff then they wouldn’t just be smart, they would be Geniuses on the God level and should be running the world. That kind of stuff just blows my mind. No one is that smart. There are some that believe this whole human existence is just a virtual dream of some form or another. Oh, my goodness.

      Last time I checked, I am a real person married to a real person.

      Anyway, I thank you for taking the time to drop by and I hope you have every success with you website. If you have any further questions give me a holler. And Happy Valentines Day.



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