My Coffee Shop Millionaire Review – 2017

By | October 15, 2017

Product Name: Coffee Shop Millionaire

Owner: Anthony Trister

Website URL: www.http://coffeeshopmillionaire.c…

Price : $37.00 USD + upsells

Rank: 1-100


Product Overview

Coffee Shop Millionaire is an online training course created by Anthony Trister for all those who are interested in learning the basics of internet marketing. Those who sign up can learn these basics by going through the training lessons which are supposed to be for everyone regardless of one’s level of experience although, there seems to be this idea that individuals already have some kind of experience in this area. For this reason alone I would not recommend it to beginners looking to start an online business.


Pros vs Cons


1. There certainly is a low monthly cost for joining this training program.


1. Even though the monthly cost is low the first thing that happens is an upgrade called “Six Figure Success Club” that costs an additional $297. This takes your total to $334 and you still need to purchase a domain and set up a website.

2. There is no accommodation for a free website. You, as I said, have to buy your own domains, web hosting packages as well as marketing expenses. This can add up to a lot more cash.

3. There is not much, if any, support. There is an address and an e-mail address and a phone number as seen in this screenshot. More on that in my final remarks.

4. The training is outdated. Things have changed a lot when it comes to doing things on the internet these days and what worked back then doesn’t work the same today.

5. CSM has made claims that their system can make as much as $21,000 in as little as a few weeks. I find it hard to believe that someone new to this program could of that well in only a few weeks. I know from experience that it takes time to develop a site to the point that will draw a number of visitors necessary to make that kind of money.


Who Could Use This Program Training?

According to what I have been able to find about CSM, they say it is for everyone regardless of your level of experience. There are many videos and they can be watched as many times as one wishes until they understand the material.

Apparently, the content in the videos suggests that some experience is necessary so, If you are completely new to Internet Marketing this could be a little challenging.


What Does the Training Cover?

The training consists of twelve modules that supposedly cover everything you need to know as you get started as well as other videos with more training.

Some training covers something called “Cash Machines”. This covers topics that include article submission, e-mail, and video marketing as well the local economy.

Although these are all valid ways to do Internet marketing, there is not enough information and it would be difficult to make any significant gains through a successful Marketing campaign. This would be another reason to stay away from this program.


Is There Support When Needed?

As far as support for this product, This all I was able to find. As you can see, there is a phone number and an e-mail address. There is also a Post office address as well.

Add screenshot here

This is bothersome to me because there doesn’t seem to be any tech support for the product and I have found no evidence for a community inside to draw from either.

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More Red Flags

Screenshot 1: While I was doing my research on this product, one of the places I went was ClickBank. When at ClickBank, I keyed in the name of this product I didn’t get any results. Further investigation resulted in these results.  This is the result I got when I keyed in the website URL. Almost Immediately the video upload error message showed up.

Error Loading Media?

Screenshot 2: Not too many seconds went by and this showed up directing me to “Click Here” and get immediate savings.

As you can see, the regular price is $197 but, if you “CLICK HERE” you get an amazing deal at only $27


Screenshot 3: To my surprise, when I clicked on the “Click Here”, I was redirected to a “ClickBank Secure Order Form”. If you remember, I mentioned that when I went to ClickBank and keyed in the product, there was no product of that nature in their system.

Are you as confused as I am??? Now I’m thinking, “Does this program even exist?  Is CSM even a real thing anymore?” I’m also thinking, “I don’t think so” and if it doesn’t and you pay money through this “ClickBank Secure Order Form” does that mean you can say goodbye to your money?


My Final Remarks

Suffice it to say, the more research I did on this product the more I have come to believe that it is not something I would recommend to anyone even if you have a lot of IM experience. I wouldn’t recommend it at all if you are a beginner. There is little or no support, not much of (if any) community, and there is no “Try Before You Buy” option either, Having a free trial period is a great way to show people what they can expect to find.

If what I believe has happened and CSM doesn’t exist anymore then, I would say don’t even click the “CLICK HERE” spot.

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Product name: Coffee Shop Millionaire

Owner: Anthony Trister

Website URL: http://coffeeshopmillionaire.c…

Price : $37.00 USD + upsells

Rank: 1-100

I hope this review has been helpful to you and as always, it is my intention to give you all the facts about any product that I review on this website. There is just so much junk out there and, if your anything like me, your wallet is not bottomless.

If you have any questions about this review or you have had a personal experience with CSM please leave your comments below, I would really like to hear from you.

I don’t want to sound pushy but, if you are serious about starting your one online business but you don’t have a clue where to start, check out my #1 Recommendation.

In the meantime, I am here for you and, I will wish you all the best,

Your Friend,


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