Are You Afraid Of Failure?

By | September 29, 2017

No One Wants To FailTips To Overcome The Fear Of Failure

If you’re anything like me and a lot of other people out there, you have probably failed at one thing or another in your life. It happens to everyone but for some, it happens more often.

Everyone hates to fail and for some of us, this can present a huge threat to our Motivation, so much so that our motivation to succeed is greatly diminished or is totally nonexistent. Our fear has axed our chances of success in many ways.

It’s not uncommon for those failures to bring out in us feelings of frustration, disappointment, anger at yourself and others, regret and depression. Fear of heights caused a Fear of failure and almost stopped me from learning how to climb and repel when I was part of a “Search and Rescue” group.

When these emotions and feeling take hold, our thoughts start to say things like, “I’m not going to be able to make this work. Did I really think I could build a successful Internet business? I know others have done it but, maybe it’s not for me.” We start having a low opinion of ourselves. We start to, in some cases, feel ashamed. I know, it’s a strong word but I think it could be true for some.


Let Me Explain

Sounds pretty deep-seated, there is more to this “Fear of Failure” than most of us actually understand. Some experts say we have been programmed to be this way since childhood. Let’s say that in our early childhood we were told not to do certain things or something bad might happen to us. As a toddler, we are just learning to walk and we fall down. Someone says, “Watch out, be careful”.

This could very well be interpreted as a negative statement to a child and, over time, this becomes part of their sub-conscience and an automatic response to be more careful when they fail and they are less likely to take the risk of trying again. They don’t even know it’s there but it somehow controls them and, in turn, affects self-esteem.

Some of this sounds like what I have experienced from time to time. Here are some “signs” that may suggest you have a fear of failure.  I can see some of these in me as well.


What would you Attempt to do

If you knew you COULD NOT FAIL



1. You worry about what others will think about you. You’ve told someone that you are off on this new adventure/business and they didn’t think it was all that great an idea. If you fail, you worry they will come back with, “I told you so.”

2. It makes you feel like you’re not as smart as you thought.

3. You worry that the future won’t be what you hoped for. I know I feel that way sometimes. “I want to do this or that in order to secure my future. If it doesn’t work, I don’t know what I will do.”

4. You often get distracted by other tasks that could have waited and really weren’t that urgent.

5. Procrastination. This should be at the number one spot and has been a huge problem for me. Over the years, It has been capable of stopping me in my tracks more often than I care to admit. Here’s a link that explains it better than I ever could.


Of course, this fear of failure can affect our relationships, our workplace and, as I’ve said, our online internet success as well. This fear is one of the biggest walls holding us back.


How can you get beyond your Fear of Failure

The first thing we need to realize is that failure is inevitable. It happens to everyone and we shouldn’t be afraid to fail. Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos Amazon founder and Chairman, Billionaire Donald Trump, and others all had failures in their lives and became successful in spite of them. They all had fears of the unknown but, they overcame them and learned from their mistakes and became very successful in their own right.

So what do we /you need to do to get there in our online ventures? I think the first thing is:

NOT TO GIVE UP These men I mentioned didn’t let fear stop them from being successful. They pushed through, learned, probably got some advice. Why can’t we do that?

YOU CANStart telling yourself that you can do this. Think positive. Failing is NOT the end of the world. It’s how we grow. It helps us build character. Positive thinking also helps build your confidence.
MAKE A PLANSet some goals. Write out what you are going to try to accomplish in a day. Make it reasonable. Start with 2 or 3 items you want to get done. This could include some research, some training, writing a little content. Small steps will help build confidence.

WRITE DOWN YOUR GOALS Put them on a piece of paper in big letters, so you can see them, and put them on a wall right in front of you so you see them every day.

LEARN AND LEARN SOME MORE If there is something that you enjoy doing but you don’t think you have enough expertise about it, do the research, read some books, search out some blogs on the subject and become an expert. WE are never too old to learn some new things.                               
EXERCISEYes, I know this sounds a bit weird. I’m not talking about a full-blown workout here. It is a well-known fact that just getting up out of the chair for a few minutes every hour will get the blood circulating and increase blood flow to the brain. Your brain needs oxygen to function so, get up and move.

TRAINING Find an online training program that can help you learn about website building. Check out my #1 recommendation.


Final Comments

Well, I hope this has helped you understand “Fear” a little better and that it really is OK to have those feelings, just don’t let them take control and stop you from achieving your goals and dreams. Take your passion and your dream and let them be the forces that drive you forward through the fear. Don’t be afraid of fear, we all experience it from time to time and it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Never give up, make a plan, YOU CAN, write down your goals, training/learning, exercise….these are the things we can and must do to be successful.

Learn and move on from the mistakes. That is what being successful in business is all about. You CAN do it. This is a journey of getting from the place we are, right now, to the dream.

I would like to hear about your frustrations and fears and perhaps help you and encourage you as you push through. If you have any questions or a comment because you may think I’m a little off my rocker, Feel free to leave those in the box provided and the bottom of the post. I love to read them and I will always reply back.

Until I hear from you, enjoy the journey,


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